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As an employer, you may be thinking of dismissing an employee for performance, behavior, or other reasons. We can help you prepare a termination package and advise you of your options. 


It is always wise to review and update your existing employment contracts. We can help review any existing contracts or prepare new contracts that reflect any relevant changes in employment law. Similarly, we can prepare and advise on various policy documents, including but not limited to anti-harassment, leave policies, and privacy policies, all customized to your company’s needs. 


If you are an employer operating in a unionized environment, and require assistance with any labour matters, including but not limited to collective bargaining, and responding to unfair labour practice complaints, we can help. In some cases, time may be of the essence, so we can encourage you to reach out as soon as possible. 

If any of the above apply to you or if you wish to discuss your employment or labour matter, please contact us and we will provide you with a free case evaluation.

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